Our Process

We offer an initial meeting on site with you to brainstorm ideas and provide preliminary advice on the feasibility of your project. There is no financial obligation for this first meeting. This is a great start for people who are about to launch on their first building project and are unsure of where to begin.

We can then provide fees to proceed to the next stage that will include initial sketch concepts. This is a critical stage in the process that will analyse options to address your needs, budget & possible staging of the project.


1          Concept Planning Stage

A brief for the project is formed from our initial meeting with you. We then carry out a photographic and measured survey of existing buildings and check any site restraints that may impact on the project.

Sketch plan concepts based on your requirements & budget restraints are then prepared for review.

The concept is then developed into a final design. We chat about the choice of materials and finishes that suit your needs and agree on a final layout for the project that is developed in detail.

Documentation for a Town Planning Application for the project is prepared if required.

2         Construction Drawing Stage


There are 2 parts to the documentation stage.

  • Basic drawings for Building Approval submission
  • Fully detailed drawings and Schedule of Finishes for competitive quotations and construction. These drawings will include larger scaled details of bathroom and kitchen areas.

We work closely with Engineering firms and Building Certifiers and can seek fees and liaise with them on the client’s behalf.